Stress Reduction Training

Stress is an experience that goes hand in hand with 21st century living. To a certain degree, stress is an unavoidable part of living a meaningful and engaging life. Stress can even be adaptive, as it helps us focus our attention on solving challenges and creating change in our lives. While stress is a part of life, sometimes, we can experience it as dominating our lives, as occurs with chronic stress. When we face continuous ongoing stressful situations, experiences, and people and are unable to effectively cope with the difficulties and challenges life throws at us, chronic stress often results. Symptoms of chronic stress may include feeling drained, overworked, stretched to your limits, on edge, frequent  irritability, and feelings of burnout on an ongoing basis. Chronic stress is increasingly common in modern life with the constant change, increasing demands, and widespread financial and interpersonal challenges that face those living in 2019. If you are experiencing stress as life limiting, impairing your ability to function, overwhelming, and blocking you from living your life, I can help. 

In stress reduction training, I will provide you with clear, practical, and effective strategies that you can implement immediately, to begin developing balance and ease in the midst of ongoing stress. As part of this work, I will help you look at ways to reduce your stress load and build skills that will help you deal with the experience of stress more effectively, so that experience less overwhelm and gain greater capacity to surf the waves of whatever challenges you are facing in your life. Typically, the stress reduction training I provide includes skills training to help you learn to respond to stress more adaptively, relax and ease feelings of physical tension, and develop supportive habits and practices to provide you with the fuel and resources needed to deal with ongoing stress. Depending on your specific goals and focus for our time together, I may also integrate Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Heartmath Skills, and Compassion-Focused Therapy, to provide a comprehensive approach that helps you meet your needs.

Clients that have engaged in stress reduction training with me often report feeling more relaxed, at ease, in better moods, less reactive, and more in control of their lives. To book a session with me and experience stress reduction training for yourself, contact me here