Stress and Well-Being Assessment (SWBA)

The Heartmath Stress and Well-Being Assessment is a tool that can provide you with a clearer picture of your overall current stress levels and psychological well-being. Stress has a way of overwhelming us and it can often be hard to see a way out of stress. Part of the problem is that while we may know that we are stressed, we may not have a clear awareness of the specific areas of life that are contributing to our current stress levels. Stress also has a way of narrowing our attention, focusing our awareness on the ways we are stressed out and blocking our recognition of the areas of our life that are going well, the supports and tools we already possess, and capacities we have that can take us out of stress and stuckness. The SWBA can you provide you with this information with clarity and relevance. When you take the assessment you will be provided with a clear picture of areas of stress in your life as well as insights into strengths and coping resources you already possess but may have not been conscious of. The SWBA will also provide you with recommendations for areas to address and ideas to consider to further improve your stress and well-being levels. 

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The SWBA is provided at no cost and with no obligation. Taking the SWBA will provide you with insight into how stress is affecting your life as well as reveal actionable recommendations. To review and understand your results further and experience stress reduction training and psychotherapy for yourself, book a session with me here