Help for Anxiety and Panic

Anxiety can be debilitating if left untreated. Worries, tension, anxiety, and panic all have a way of narrowing our lives and limiting the kinds of activities we engage in. Some people experience anxiety in a highly physical way: always feeling on edge and never able to relax or experience ease. Others notice that they spend their lives caught up in the narratives of their minds - stuck in the ruminations of the past or the worries of the future, and rarely living their lives in the present moment. Perhaps, your anxiety centers around a particular event, something that has happened or will happen. Or, maybe what you notice appears unexplainable to you, simple physical feelings of anxiety without any particular associated concerns or worries, as is often the case with panic attacks. However you experience anxiety and panic, I can help. 

Typically, this work will begin with an initial intake session where you will be able to provide me with a clear picture of the ways anxiety has been limiting your life and your hopes for our work together. Within this first session, I strive to provide you with tools that you can put to use right away, so that you leave your first session with practical strategies to move your life forward. Once we have had a chance to go over your goals for therapy, I will discuss treatment options with you. When working with anxiety concerns I typically utilize Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) as my primary treatment approach together with Compassion-Focused Therapy and skills training in anxiety management specific to your needs . ACT is an evidence-based treatment approach that is highly effective in helping individuals reduce anxiety issues (learn more about ACT here). Once we have determined your goals and collaboratively decided on an approach that meets your needs, we will meet on an ongoing basis for psychotherapy sessions tailored around this plan. 

Clients I work with often report reduced anxiety and panic, greater calm and ease in their lives, and true anxiety relief. To book a session with me and experience my approach for yourself, contact me here